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Vasseur Wins Stage 10 After All Day Breakaway July 18, 2007

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A long, uncontested breakaway set the stage for a hot finish on this very hot day in southern France. The breakaway consisted of Jens Voigt (CSC), Juan Antonio Flecha (Rabobank), Paolo Bossoni (Lampre), Patrice Halgand (Credit Agricole), Staf Scheirlinckx (Cofidis), Michal Albasini (Liquigas), Aleksandre Kuschynski (Liquigas), Sandy Casar (Francaise des Jeux), Cedric Vasseur (Quick Step), Andriy Grivko (Milram), and Marcus Burghardt (T-Mobile). With 25km to go, the breakaway split into two pieces with Halgand attacking and pulling Casar, Vasseur, Voight and Albasini with him. After a quick descent into Marseille, the lead 5 played cat and mouse games for the final 4km before a slow sprint over the final 300m, with Vasseur edging out Casar for the win… the first French stage win of the tour.

Top Finishers Today:

1. VASSEUR Cédric 179 QUICK STEP – INNERGETIC 5h 20′ 24″
2. CASAR Sandy 161 FRANCAISE DES JEUX 5h 20′ 24″
3. ALBASINI Michael 152 LIQUIGAS 5h 20′ 24″
4. HALGAND Patrice 107 CREDIT AGRICOLE 5h 20′ 24″
5. VOIGT Jens 38 TEAM CSC 5h 20′ 24″
7. BOSSONI Paolo 83 LAMPRE-FONDITAL 5h 21′ 00″ + 00′ 36″
8. BURGHARDT Marcus 22 T-MOBILE TEAM 5h 21′ 25″ + 01′ 01″
9. KUSCHYNSKI Aleksandr 156 LIQUIGAS 5h 22′ 58″ + 02′ 34″
10. FLECHA Juan Antonio 55 RABOBANK 5h 22′ 58″ + 02′ 34″
11. GRIVKO Andriy 184 TEAM MILRAM 5h 24′ 06″ + 03′ 42″
12. CHAVANEL Sébastien 162 FRANCAISE DES JEUX 5h 31′ 00″ + 10′ 36″
13. BOONEN Tom 171 QUICK STEP – INNERGETIC 5h 31′ 00″ + 10′ 36″
14. VENTOSO Francisco 209 SAUNIER DUVAL – PRODIR 5h 31′ 00″ + 10′ 36″
15. HUNTER Robert 216 BARLOWORLD 5h 31′ 00″ + 10′ 36″


Things Just Keep Getting Worse for T-Mobile July 16, 2007

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The most serious concerns yesterday were for the well-being of Stuart O’Grady after his serious crash and injuries, but just as we were learning that Stuart will recover, T-Mobile lost its third rider of the day in a bizarre post race collision with a spectator.

Sinkewitz was apparently heading to the riders’ hotel on his bike, rather than wait for the team cars that were staying to pick up the stragglers, when he collided with a pedestrian. The pedestrian was knocked unconscious and rushed to the hospital. Sinkewitz suffered serious injuries to the face and head and is not expected to start tomorrow.

Rogers and McEwen Also Out July 15, 2007

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Two more Australians were eliminated today: Michael Rogers crashed and had to abandon the tour in pain after bravely attempting to continue through the next climb. Initial reports are that he has dislocated his shoulder.  Robbie McEwen finished over an hour back of Rasmussen and was eliminated on time.

Gerdemann Wins Stage 7 July 14, 2007

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T-Mobile’s 24 year old rider Linus Gerdemann takes the stage, and the yellow and white Jerseys. Frothing at the mouth at the finish, it’s not clear how much if anything Gerdemann will have at the finish…he put everything into the finall climb and holding the lead into the finish as the reduced main body tried to chase him down.

Sylvain Chavanel retained his Polka Dot Jersey, but Gerdemann picked up 30 points and De La Fuente 29 in conquering the course today, so his sizable lead is now only 12 points. And tomorrow’s 3 Cat 1 climbs will likely bring a whole new set of faces.

Complete results here.

Top Finishers:
1. GERDEMANN Linus 25 T-MOBILE TEAM 04:53:13
2. LANDALUZE Inigo 76 EUSKALTEL – EUSKADI 04:53:53 + 00:00:40
3. DE LA FUENTE David 205 SAUNIER DUVAL – PRODIR 04:54:52 + 00:01:39
4. SOLER HERNANDEZ Juan Mauricio 219 BARLOWORLD 04:55:27 + 00:02:14
5. LEFEVRE Laurent 125 BOUYGUES TELECOM 04:55:34 + 00:02:21
6. WEGMANN Fabian 98 GEROLSTEINER 04:56:45 + 00:03:32
7. GARATE Juan Manuel 174 QUICK STEP – INNERGETIC 04:56:51 + 00:03:38
8. FLORENCIO Xavier 123 BOUYGUES TELECOM 04:56:51 + 00:03:38
9. MOREAU Christophe 61 AG2R PREVOYANCE 04:56:51 + 00:03:38
10. VALVERDE Alejandro 18 CAISSE D’EPARGNE 04:56:51 + 00:03:38

Stage 5 Goes to Pozzato July 12, 2007

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Filippo Pozzato of Liquigas won a long and winding sprint to take Stage 5. Fabian Cancellara stayed with the peloton despite some challenging climbs, finished 12th, and holds on to the Jersey for another day (2 actually). Sylvain Chavanel’s persistence in long breakaways brough him the Polka Dot Jersey as his won 30 of the days 34 available 1st place points by taking the first 6 of 7 climbs as part of the breakaway.

Tom Boonen lost the peloton in the hils, and finished the day 1:20 behind the Pozzato, which opened the door for Erik Zabel to take the Green Jersey with his 16 point 5th place finish.

Complete results here:

Top Finishers:

1. POZZATO Filippo 151 LIQUIGAS 04:39:01
2. FREIRE Oscar 56 RABOBANK 04:39:01 + 00:00:00
3. BENNATI Daniele 82 LAMPRE-FONDITAL 04:39:01 + 00:00:00
4. KIRCHEN Kim 27 T-MOBILE TEAM 04:39:01 + 00:00:00
5. ZABEL Erik 181 TEAM MILRAM 04:39:01 + 00:00:00
6. HINCAPIE George 114 DISCOVERY CHANNEL TEAM 04:39:01 + 00:00:00
7. MORENI Cristian 144 COFIDIS CREDIT PAR TELEPHONE 04:39:01 + 00:00:00
8. SCHUMACHER Stefan 91 GEROLSTEINER 04:39:01 + 00:00:00
9. TANKINK Bram 177 QUICK STEP – INNERGETIC 04:39:01 + 00:00:00
10. PINEAU Jérôme 126 BOUYGUES TELECOM 04:39:01 + 00:00:00

Hushovd! July 11, 2007

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Thor Hushovd was not to be denied, and thanks to support from his Credit Agricole team, he was delivered to the line in good position to win the sprint to the finish.

Not as much drama as yesterday, and the peloton crossed en masse, with only a handful of stragglers losing time in the GC. Cancellara retained the Yellow Jersey, though Hushovd’s win moved him back into contention 29 seconds down. Hushovd is also now threatening Tom Boonen’s Green Jersey, which he has held since the second stage finish, with Hushovd moving from 10th into 2nd place as a result of the final sprint points today. And Stephane Auge retained the Polka Dot Jersey for a second day, picking up just one point in the first climb. 2 of the 5 riders in the breakaway put on climbing points, with Sylvain Chavanel picking up 7 and Christian Knees picking up 5.

1. HUSHOVD Thor 101 CREDIT AGRICOLE 04:37:47
2. HUNTER Robert 216 BARLOWORLD 04:37:47 + 00:00:00
3. FREIRE Oscar 56 RABOBANK 04:37:47 + 00:00:00
4. ZABEL Erik 181 TEAM MILRAM 04:37:47 + 00:00:00
5. NAPOLITANO Danilo 86 LAMPRE-FONDITAL 04:37:47 + 00:00:00
6. STEEGMANS Gert 176 QUICK STEP – INNERGETIC 04:37:47 + 00:00:00
7. FORSTER Robert 92 GEROLSTEINER 04:37:47 + 00:00:00
8. BOONEN Tom 171 QUICK STEP – INNERGETIC 04:37:47 + 00:00:00
9. CHAVANEL Sebastien 162 FRANCAISE DES JEUX 04:37:47 + 00:00:00
10. CAVENDISH Mark 23 T-MOBILE TEAM 04:37:47 + 00:00:00

Late Change to T-Mobile July 3, 2007

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T-Mobile has made a change to its original Tour de France roster, replacing 37 year-old Italian Giuseppe Guerini with German Bert Grabsch who won the German time trial championships last weekend. The Italian forfeited his spot on the team as he is currently suffering from stomach problems according to SportWereld

The full line up for the T-Mobile at the Tour de France is Michael Rogers (Australia), Mark Cavendish (Great Britain), Marcus Burghardt (Germany), Linus Gerdemann (Germany), Kim Kirchen (Luxemburg), Bernhard Eisel (Austria), Axel Merckx (Belgium), Bert Grabsch (Germany) and Patrick Sinkewitz (Germany).