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The Field Thins July 15, 2007

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Well the carnage begins in the the Alps, a total of 8 riders were eliminated today. The O’Grady crash was the most scary event…other riders departed quietly off the back of the pack. T-Mobile appears to have gotten the worst of it losing both Rogers (as reported earlier) and Cavendish. Linus Gerdemann is now defending T-Mobile’s GC hopes, clinging to 2nd. Agritubel also lost 2 riders, though neither Feillu nor Herve had as high expectations as Rogers.

The complete list of withdrawals today: Ivan Parra (Cofidis, Abandon) , Cedric Herve (Agritubel, Time), Romain Feillu (Agritubel, Abandon), Danilo Napolitano (Lampre-Fondital, Time), Robbie McEwen (Predicor-Lotto, Time), Stuart O’Grady (CSC, Crash, Injuries), Mark Cavendish (T-Mobile, Abandon) and Michael Rogers (T-Mobile, Crash, Injuries)


Hushovd! July 11, 2007

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Thor Hushovd was not to be denied, and thanks to support from his Credit Agricole team, he was delivered to the line in good position to win the sprint to the finish.

Not as much drama as yesterday, and the peloton crossed en masse, with only a handful of stragglers losing time in the GC. Cancellara retained the Yellow Jersey, though Hushovd’s win moved him back into contention 29 seconds down. Hushovd is also now threatening Tom Boonen’s Green Jersey, which he has held since the second stage finish, with Hushovd moving from 10th into 2nd place as a result of the final sprint points today. And Stephane Auge retained the Polka Dot Jersey for a second day, picking up just one point in the first climb. 2 of the 5 riders in the breakaway put on climbing points, with Sylvain Chavanel picking up 7 and Christian Knees picking up 5.

1. HUSHOVD Thor 101 CREDIT AGRICOLE 04:37:47
2. HUNTER Robert 216 BARLOWORLD 04:37:47 + 00:00:00
3. FREIRE Oscar 56 RABOBANK 04:37:47 + 00:00:00
4. ZABEL Erik 181 TEAM MILRAM 04:37:47 + 00:00:00
5. NAPOLITANO Danilo 86 LAMPRE-FONDITAL 04:37:47 + 00:00:00
6. STEEGMANS Gert 176 QUICK STEP – INNERGETIC 04:37:47 + 00:00:00
7. FORSTER Robert 92 GEROLSTEINER 04:37:47 + 00:00:00
8. BOONEN Tom 171 QUICK STEP – INNERGETIC 04:37:47 + 00:00:00
9. CHAVANEL Sebastien 162 FRANCAISE DES JEUX 04:37:47 + 00:00:00
10. CAVENDISH Mark 23 T-MOBILE TEAM 04:37:47 + 00:00:00

Cancellara Strikes Again July 10, 2007

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Fabian Cancellara, CSC’s World Time Trial Champion backs up his prologue win with a devastating run to the line that left all the sprinters behind. Zabel, Boonen, McEwen and Cavendish all managed top 10 finishes as the peloton finally caught an all day breakaway with 500m remaining, but Cancellara broke from the peloton and before the lead-out men could react opened enough of a gap that the sprinters were left fighting for second.

It looked like a breakaway of Stephane Auge (Cofidis), Matthieu Ladagnous (FDJ), Nicholas Vogodny (Agritubel), and Frederik Willems (Liquigas) might actually pull of the win, but the peloton finally accelerated enough to catch them. Auge and Willems had caught Ladagnous and Vogodny after breaking from the peloton 180km into the race, but the effort didn’t leave them with enough in the tank to fight off the peloton in the final kilometers. Willems ended up crossing in 137th, Auge finished 111th, Vogodny finished 37th, but Ladagnous held on for 11th. All finished in the pack, so at least there was no loss of time.

Complete results are here and at the Official Tour de France site

Top Finishers:

1. CANCELLARA Fabian 33 TEAM CSC 06:36:15
2. ZABEL Erik 181 TEAM MILRAM 06:36:15 + 00:00:00
3. NAPOLITANO Danilo 86 LAMPRE-FONDITAL 06:36:15 + 00:00:00
4. BOONEN Tom 171 QUICK STEP – INNERGETIC 06:36:15 + 00:00:00
5. HUNTER Robert 216 BARLOWORLD 06:36:15 + 00:00:00
6. FÖRSTER Robert 92 GEROLSTEINER 06:36:15 + 00:00:00
7. MC EWEN Robbie 46 PREDICTOR – LOTTO 06:36:15 + 00:00:00
8. EISEL Bernhard 24 T-MOBILE TEAM 06:36:15 + 00:00:00
9. CAVENDISH Mark 23 T-MOBILE TEAM 06:36:15 + 00:00:00
10. HAUSSLER Heinrich 94 GEROLSTEINER 06:36:15 + 00:00:00

McEwen overcomes crash to win stage July 9, 2007

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Robbie McEwen got back into Stage 1 today with a lot of help from his Predictor-Lotto teamates after crashing, or rather being crashed into, during a slow down in the peloton about 25km from the finish. After considerable effort to both overcome injuries to a hand, wrist and leg, and to catch up with the peloton, he still had enough juice to sweep around the right side of the pack for a sprint to the finish line. McEwen was well behind the front edge of the peloton when he made his move, and apparently the other sprinters had written him off as a threat, because the whole group appeared to be caught by surprise for a split second. It was all the advantage he needed as he crossed the line a full bike length ahead of Thor Hushovd. Third place provided some additional drama as Tom Boonen and Sebastian Chavanel provided a photo finish with Boonen leading by inches.

Fabian Cancellara crossed with the peloton and held onto his yellow jersey for at least another day, while David Millar assumed the Polka Dot jersey, and McEwen the green thanks to their performances today. Both David Zabriskie and Mark Cavendish lost over 2 minutes after dropping off the peloton during separate incidents.

Complete results here and at the official site

Top Finishers

1. MC EWEN Robbie 46 PREDICTOR – LOTTO 04:39:01
2. HUSHOVD Thor 101 CREDIT AGRICOLE 04:39:01 + 00:00:00
3. BOONEN Tom 171 QUICK STEP – INNERGETIC 04:39:01 + 00:00:00
4. CHAVANEL Sébastien 162 FRANCAISE DES JEUX 04:39:01 + 00:00:00
5. FEILLU Romain 134 AGRITUBEL 04:39:01 + 00:00:00
6. FÖRSTER Robert 92 GEROLSTEINER 04:39:01 + 00:00:00
7. FREIRE Oscar 56 RABOBANK 04:39:01 + 00:00:00
8. BURGHARDT Marcus 22 T-MOBILE TEAM 04:39:01 + 00:00:00
9. VENTOSO Francisco 209 SAUNIER DUVAL – PRODIR 04:39:01 + 00:00:00
10. VAITKUS Tomas 119 DISCOVERY CHANNEL TEAM 04:39:01 + 00:00:00

Late Change to T-Mobile July 3, 2007

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T-Mobile has made a change to its original Tour de France roster, replacing 37 year-old Italian Giuseppe Guerini with German Bert Grabsch who won the German time trial championships last weekend. The Italian forfeited his spot on the team as he is currently suffering from stomach problems according to SportWereld

The full line up for the T-Mobile at the Tour de France is Michael Rogers (Australia), Mark Cavendish (Great Britain), Marcus Burghardt (Germany), Linus Gerdemann (Germany), Kim Kirchen (Luxemburg), Bernhard Eisel (Austria), Axel Merckx (Belgium), Bert Grabsch (Germany) and Patrick Sinkewitz (Germany).

T-Mobile Roster Finalized June 30, 2007

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T-Mobile has named its nine man roster for the Tour de France. It will send Marcus Burghardt, Mark Cavendish, Bernhard Eisel, Linus Gerdemann, Giuseppe Guerini, Kim Kirchen, Axel Merckx, Michael Rogers and Patrik Sinkewitz.