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Doping Doctors July 26, 2007

Posted by dperry1ma in Doping, Dr Michele Ferrari, Dr. Eufemiano Fuente, Michael Rasmussen, Michele Ferrari, Operation Puerto, Rabobank, Tour de France.

I don’t know anything about who the Italian doctor is behind the Michael Rasmussen scandal, but there is one who springs to mind. I’m sure l’Equipe will have the complete story by morning press time….

Dr. Michele Ferrari

Dr. Michele Ferrari’s Training center

More about Dr. Michele Ferrari

And no dicussion of doping doctors would be complete without mentioning Dr. Eufemiano Fuentes, the Spanish doctor at the heart of the Operation Puerto scandal. There is no way that Dr. Fuentes could be involved with current doping events, but who knows about his associates.



1. sj - July 29, 2007

There is no ‘doctor’ behond Rasmussen. He is clean. He has been tested 17 times in the last couple of months – clean every time. Contador however is linked in with the Operation Puerto… Nice.

2. dperry1ma - July 29, 2007

The public doesn’t know the truth behind whether Rasmussen is clean or doping. It is hard to conceive of Rabobank firing him over administrative shortcomings, or even lying about his whereabouts, if they didn’t have suspicions that he was doing something improper, but we have no way of knowing yet. I am surprised that L’Equipe or someone like them has yet to come up with an explanation of what Rasmussen was doing in June.

With regards to Contador, it has become popular to make blanket accusations about Opercion Puerto, without any facts. The best article that I have found on the topic is Andrew Hood’s piece in Velonews. http://www.velonews.com/tour2007/news/articles/12964.0.html

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