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Rasmussen Out!!! July 25, 2007

Posted by dperry1ma in Christian Prudhomme, Davide Cassani, Doping, Michael Rasmussen, Rabobank, RAI, Tour de France, UCI.

Hours after he won Stage 16 of the race and nearly guaranteed himself a spot on the podium in Paris on Sunday, Rabobank has pulled Yellow Jersey Michael Rasmussen from the Tour de France, allegedly because he lied to the team about his whereabouts when he was to have been tested for out of competition doping.

UPDATE: AFP is reporting that “Tour de France race director Christian Prudhomme – who at one point had phoned UCI president Pat McQuaid to berate him over not informing organizers over Rasmussen’s missed tests – said that there was not much more he and his co-directors of the race could have done.

“We did all we could do to get rid of him,” Prudhomme told AFP.”One cannot mock the Tour de France impunitively like those riders,” he added, referring to Rasmussen, Cristian Moreni – who also exited on Wednesday after failing a drugs test – and Alexandre Vinokourov who was thrown out on Tuesday. ”

UPDATE 2: It is now being reported that not only did Rasmussen misinform his team as to his true location during the months leading up to the Tour de France, but apparently Rabobank was informed today that Rasmussen was training in Italy with an “as yet un-named doctor”, suggesting that Rabobank may know more about what he has been doing during the period in question than we yet know.

UPDATE 3: Cyclingnews reports “According to hln.be, former professional Davide Cassani, now a commentator for Italian TV station RAI, made a statement to Danish TV on Wednesday in which he claimed to have seen the Rabobank leader training in the Italian Dolomites on June 13 and 14. Rasmussen had previously declared that he was in Mexico from June 4 – 26. “When Rasmussen was confronted with this information he confirmed to [team manager] Theo de Rooy he was at that moment in Italy,” said Rabobank press officer Jacob Bergsma. “That was the reason De Rooy decided to get him out of the Tour and the team.””



1. graham kelly - July 29, 2007

this is the most discusting sporting event seen on tv. not the drug taking, if cyclist fail a drug test they are thrown out, but the organisers. once rassmussen started he was in the field. he was in the race
i saw one of the best bike riding exhibitions ever, he humiliated the discovery riders who attached him mercilessly.
Christian Prudhomme stated, he will have to go, as soon as rassmussen started to show form.
if the directors can plan the route, organise all the entourage and tell everyone this will be the most drug fee race in history, they forget to check the riders, whos fault is that.
to humiliate a rider on world wide television, the only one ever thrown out for not failing a drug test, is the most discusting thing i’ve seen in a sporting event.
on top of all this they,i’m wondering who they are, pulled him when he actually looked like winning.
has anybody ever seen a horse race where a horse humiliated the opposition coming to the home turn is pulled out of the race because the stewards dislike the horse.NO THE STEWARDS CHECK BEFOREHAND.
i for one will oppose this race being shown on australia television

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