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Cofidis Withdraws From the Tour July 25, 2007

Posted by dperry1ma in Bradley Wiggins, Cofidis, Doping, Geoffroy LeQuatre, Ivan Parra, Nick Nuyens, Rik Verbrugghe, Staf Scheirlinckx, Stephane Auge, Sylvain Chavanel, Tour de France.

Following the example set by Team Astana yesterday, Team Cofidis withdrew its entire team from the Tour de France today following the announcement that one of its riders, Italian Christian Moreni failed a doping test taken following Stage 11.

The top rider on the Cofidis team was clearly Sylvain Chavanel who had climbed beautifully in the Alps, winning the Polka Dot jersey in stages 5, 6, and 7 before giving it up to Michael Rasmussen, and had risen as high as #8 in the GC standings before fading in the Pyrenees. Also affected are British rider Bradley Wiggins who had finished 4th in the Prologue, French rider Stephane Auge who won the Polka Dot jersey in stages 3 and 4, and Belgian riders Nick Nuyens, Staf Scheirlinckx and Rik Verbrugghe. Cofidis had already lost Geoffrey LeQuatre and Ivan Parra to injuries.

Update: Christian Moreni is now in French police custody, charged with using and trafficking doping products. His team manager, Eric Boyer, reports that he has admitted to doping and apologized to his family, his team and the Tour. It was also reported that the team withdrew itself at its sponsor’s request, not that of the Tour organizers. Cofidis and Team Manager Eric Boyer have declared strongly against doping and the team has been part of the Mouvement Pour un Cyclisme Crédible (MPCC) which formed in London at the start of the Tour and announced yesterday. The MPCC requires strict adherence to the UCI Code of Conduct by its member teams, and complete transparency on medical and training issues between the teams.



1. Ted Pozniakoff - July 25, 2007

What can I say after the “Vino” disaster of yesterday? I think all of us were hoping for a clean” tour . . . but really, how can you blame the riders when we, the paying public demand such “heroic” efforts on a daily basis to satisfy our vouruistic cravings.

We are only fooling ourselves. If we really want a clean tour, then we must bring it back to “Human” levels. That means we have to reduce the numerous crazy climbs and not expect such super human efforts from our riders.

You may not like it, but really, how can you expect 200K efforts on 6 to 7% grades, back to back, on pasta and water?

Cat 4 racer

2. blob - August 3, 2007

Cofidis gets what they deserve for firing Lance
The French forget that without the help of the US vets there wouldn’t be an Arc de Triomphe

There were amazing riders who didn’t dope………so the tour is still at human levels

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