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Millar Slams Rasmussen July 24, 2007

Posted by dperry1ma in David Millar, Doping, Michael Rasmussen, Tour de France.

David Millar, once punished for using EPO, and now a strong voice against doping, spoke out harshly against Michael Rasmussen. Citing Rasmussen’s failure to register his location while training, as required so he could be tested outside of events, Millar believes the Yellow Jersey wearing Rasmussen has irreperably damaged this year’s Tour.

With the Tour and professional cycling already reeling from a series of high profile doping scandals, the Tour organizers need a clean race, and a clean winner. Organizers have worked hard to re-establish the credibility of the riders and teams participating, but the suspicions swirling around Rasmussen have undermined that.

Rasmussen was dismissed from the Danish national team for the infractions, and will not be riding in either the world championships or the olympics for Denmark as a result.

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1. dperry1ma - July 24, 2007

Rasmussen’s status regarding representing his country may be in flux.
The president of the Danish Olympic committee (DIF), Niels Nygaard, was quoted as contesting the Danish Cycling Federation claim that Rasmussen was not eligible to race in the Olympics.

“We have not ruled out Rasmussen, and the Danish Cycling Federation (DCU) were too quick to say he will not participate at the 2008 Beijing Games,”

It may be hard for the Dane’s to blacklist Rasmussen if he fails no doping tests, but is merely punished by the UCI and DCU for failure to register his location so that he could be tested. It’s suspicious behavior, but not necessarily proof that he has been doping.

Rasmussen’s Rabobank team has also begun defending him, indicating that while they fined him for his failure to register, they are confident that he is not doping as he has been tested repeatedly before and during the Tour.

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