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Zabriskie Gone July 19, 2007

Posted by dperry1ma in Ag2r, CSC, Igor Anton, Stage 11, Tour de France.

American rider David Zabriskie exceeded the time limit on Stage 11 today and will be heading home this evening, nursing a sore knee.  Zabriskie has been trailing the crowd all Tour, and has been trying to recuperate a knee that was reconstructed following an accident in 2003.  Zabriskie told reporters that the knee has been sore all spring, the result of a team mandated move to a new shoe, and that the brisk pace over the last couple of days had made it impossible to let the knee recover from the mountain stages.

Euskadi rider Igor Anton was also lost to the Tour today, abandoning the race during today’s stage.



1. Scott Roberts - July 19, 2007

Next year Dave won’t have to kill himself just to make the squad. Rumor has it that he’ll be with Slipstream. This should position him high enough up the totem pole as to allow him the luxury of training with a focus on the big race rather than to wear himself out trying to get the last minute nod. He looks absolutely exhausted right now, and no doubt a little burned out. I hope the rumors are true. He’s a great talent and will thrive in the new environment.
Keep your head up big Z…. you done real good.

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